Friday, July 23, 2010

New Challenge: Eat delicious food!

I had a moment of panic when Selissa called and said "You know how we like to eat out a lot? Well, I have a proposition for you".

I am the first to admit, I like my sub sandwiches, burgers from the dollar menu, eating grilled chicken salads while my boys chow down on chicken nuggets and fries (am I killing my children?!), and I have a major weakness for Chinese restaurants and buffets.
Though I am happy to report I've been doing much better when it comes to eating out and nickle and diming myself to death...or debt.

So you can imagine my relief when not only did Selissa tell me no, I don't have to stop eating out...but I get to eat out and try and recreate the yummy food at home, and then blog about it! You know what this calls for...dinner out. SOON.

I'm looking forward to being a regular and diligent contributor on this blog. You help other people out!

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Michelle Claire said...

Woot! I'm excited to see what you contribute! What glorious and amazing concoctions (Did I spell that right???) you can come up with!!

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