Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Virtual family dinner (and dessert!)

For as long as I can remember our family gatherings have involved food.  Whether we're bar-b-queuing, having a sit down meal, snacking on finger foods, or just gathering for dessert we've had some exceptionally yummy gatherings! With everyone so spread out we can't always gather to eat and visit together, so what's the next best thing?! Sharing via the internet!

Sis and I started this blog a couple years ago with the intention of posting our favorite copycat recipes. It lasted for a while and we have some good recipes for you all to check out.

However, last week while Mom was visiting we started talking about a family recipe exchange/cookbook/collection and I had the thought to just make a blog. It should be very easy for us all to add our tried and true family favorite recipes here, even those of you who don't blog can figure it out. I promise. : ) Then after a while when we have a good collection of all our favorites we can think about getting it printed.

There are a few guidelines/suggestions for posting, so it's easy for us to find the recipes we're looking for-

LABEL YOUR POST - When you are posting a recipe, before you publish it, there is a box at the bottom of the post to label your post. Always put your own name there along with either the main ingredient or 'main dish', 'side dish', 'dessert', etc. The labels will show up on the side of the blog so it'll be easy to sort through the recipes.You can add as many labels to your posts as you want/think necessary.

MAKE IT FIRST - Since this is a family favorites blog, lets make sure the recipes are actually ones you like! : ) Seems simple, right? 

PICTURES ARE FUN! - that's all. I like to see pictures of what the food looks like, that way I know if it turns out right! : ) Obviously, not required. But if you happen to snap a picture, share it.

STORIES - One of the fun things about family recipes is hearing who made it first, where we got it, what parties we made it for, etc. So if you've made a recipe you're sharing for a family gathering let us know which one. It may be one we've been remembering and wanting to get from you!

So bookmark this site and lets get cooking! We're going to try keeping this blog private (meaning you'll have to log into view it), but if there's someone I didn't add to be a contributor let me know and we'll get them added!

I don't know about you, but I can't wait to try some new yummy Recipes! : )


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Robyn said...

Yea! I'm excited!

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