Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The easiest bread ever AKA: Artisan Bread

Artisan Bread
3 Cups Flour
3/4 Tablespoon Yeast
3/4 Tablespoon Salt
1 1/2 Cups warm water

Mix together, cover with plastic wrap and let sit for 3 hours (longer if you want, or need. I often let it rise either over night, or from morning til late afternoon)
With Olive Oil on your hands and counter take the dough (which will be gooey and sticky) and form into a round/circular loaf and place in a *round casserole dish with lid(no need to grease it, thanks to all the olive oil!).
Cover and bake at 450 for 30 minutes. Take the lid off and bake for another 15 minutes.

Let it cool so it's easier to cut and enjoy. Don't forget the butter :)

*I've also done it on a pizza stone, and it works fine. Just bake it for 40-45 minutes if you do it this way.

This is the dish I use to bake it in
The olive oil seemed to make a big difference in the crust to me as opposed to using flour when forming the dough.
We love it, and we hope you do too!

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Joleen said...

We love this bread! It is the easiest ever, and always delicious. Thank you, so much, for sharing it.

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